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Our Story

Welcome to Laliberté Cheese Co, where our commitment to excellence meets the artistry of cheese.

Founding Laliberté Cheese Co was not just a business venture for owner Tracy Godin, but a testament to her lifelong passion for the intricate world of cheese. Tracy's journey began on the cobblestone streets of Europe, where she discovered the boundless variety of textures and flavors that cheese has to offer. Since then, Tracy has dedicated herself to continuous study and exploration, ensuring she stays abreast of the latest trends and developments in the cheese industry. This dedication allows her to expertly guide her customers towards the perfect selection for any occasion.

With two years of operation under our belt, we are thrilled to announce our expansion to the Compass General Store and Kitchen in Comox, BC and Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery. You can find a curated selection of our products at both locations.  

Alongside our carefully curated online cheese selection, you'll find a growing array of gourmet foods thoughtfully selected to complement our artisanal cheeses. We take pride in offering not only exceptional products but also a personalized experience for our customers.

At Laliberté Cheese Co, we believe in the art of pairing cheese with wine, which is why we thoroughly enjoy hosting wine and cheese tastings. These events provide an opportunity for our customers to explore and appreciate the nuances of flavor pairings in a convivial atmosphere.

Moreover, we understand the importance of community and strive to support other small businesses in the Comox Valley. By fostering these connections, we not only strengthen our local economy but also enrich the fabric of our community.

Join us on a journey of taste and discovery as we celebrate the rich tradition of cheese and the joy it brings to our lives.

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