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For delivery for December 12th, please order by December 10th. 

For delivery for December 22rd, please order by December 20th.


We are not offering pickup for this item due to limited space.


A more condensed version of our 24-day advent calendar, fewer days, but no less delicious! This is our 12 Days of Cheese Calendar!


10 days of carefully curated European and Canadian cheese and 2 accompaniments for you to enjoy. Each cheese will be 75g-150, giving you a good sized snack , or you can save them up for a cheese board to share...or not share. You get to decide, it's your cheese!


Available in a cow/sheep/goat or just sheep/goat!


Pre-orders are required. Pickup/Delivery will be available from December 12th to December 24th. Please let us know in your order what your preferred pickup/delivery date is.


Delivery & Shipment available for Vancouver Island only.


These boxes must be kept refrigerated. 

12 Days of Cheese Advent Calendar!