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I find that having the cheese delivery arriving monthly makes time fly! I feel like I just sent out the July newsletter and here we are, quickly approaching the end of August already. The good news, regardless of how fast time seems to go, is that I once again have a fridge full of cheese!

Our deadline order for guaranteed cheese (both special order and & cheese boxes) is September 4th. Cheese Box deliveries scheduled for September 25th onward.



For those of you who follow us on Instagram & Facebook (@lalibertecheese) you will have seen my recent video post of the August delivery. So. Much. Fun. It was like Christmas. I mean, I knew what I ordered, but so much of this cheese is new to me as well, so when I opened up a package full of all these amazing looking cheeses, I was so happy. I wonder if I'll ever get bored of receiving a cheese delivery? Could you image? Like, ugh, another box of cheese to deal with.

The next few months of cheese unboxing will be fun as well, as our orders are ramping up and we have some special stuff planned.

We had a bit more range this month and a number of new-to-us varieties. Louis D'Or (my 14-yr-olds favourite), was a firmer Alpine style cheese. To me it tasted like a young Parmesan. Which is to say, Delicious! Frère Jacque, which based on the description, I thought would be too mild for my preferences...but I've eaten a ton of it already and liked it, so what do I know? And Comtomme, a washed rind cheese with a firmer but smooth texture, not super intense, but it definitely had a bit of oomph that comes from the washed rind. All from Quebec!

We had a larger variety of sheep and goat cheese as well, perfect for our lactose free customers. Roquefort, a French sheep cheese, was definitely not as strong as I anticipated. Unfortunately, this is one of the cheeses I didn't order quite enough of, so I only got a small sample...those who got it, did you like it?

Both Effet Brebis (sheep) and Camarade (goat), are new ones in from L'Atelier Fromagier, the folks who make some of the most beautiful goat and sheep cheeses in Quebec. We received significantly less of Effet Brebis than we anticipated, so many of you did not get to try it...Sorry! Mine is still sitting in my fridge, so I can't reliably comment on the taste or texture.

The Camarade was still a bit firm when it went out for delivery, but it gets oozy quickly, so you can decide how you want to enjoy it. I just ate the last little bit that I had and it was a great mixture of chalky and soft.

Brebirousse sheep cheese, (or the Lobster cheese as one customer calls it), an old favourite that was added in at the last minute to make up for a shortfall in our soft cheese selection. This one always seems to arrive at the perfect ripeness, silky smooth, shiny and a little bit smelly. I don't know why I don't order this every month?

I am always interested to hear how you enjoyed the selection. Some of you reach out right away and others I never hear from other than when you order the next box, which I guess is a sign that you enjoyed it.



Well, the biggest news for September is that we are staging our first (but hopefully not last) collaboration with Beaufort Winery. We will be running an afternoon wine and cheese pairing event late September. Stay tuned to our social media pages and website to get details. Space will be very limited so it will be a smaller event. But if it's a success, we will do more!

We are also expecting a price increase on cheese in September as milk prices go up again in Canada. April saw a massive jump already, so we will see how things roll out for us in cheese retail.

Our September cheese list is firming up. Find our full line up (so far...) of next months cheese on our website: September Cheese

Remember if the item says "Special Order for September", you must order by our deadline September 4th in order to guarantee delivery. We had a few folks disappointed that they missed out on the Burrata this month. This also applies to the monthly cheese box. We order some specialty cheese for the boxes each month, but these are generally limited to those boxes whose orders are in by the deadline. So don't be sad, order early.

I posted a few months ago about the cooking club that I'm a part of where I get together with some friends every few months and spend the day cooking a fabulous meal before settling down in the evening to enjoy it. It's my turn in September, and I am doing a Portuguese feast. Unfortunately Portuguese cheese is hard to come by, so I'm subbing in a Spanish cheese, the Torta de Dehesa. I have never tried this cheese, but I love anything you cut the top off and dip into! My only hope is that by the time we get to the cheese course we still have room! We have a few of these left for special order.

Beurre Isigny, the French butter, will be making a comeback for September as well. We are trying a different format this time, rather than the bulk butter we are bringing in pre-packaged.

L'Origine de Charlevoix is a soft cheese from Quebec. This is a soft mixed rind cheese that comes in a 160 gram round. Look for it in your cheese box!

Burrata, yes we will be ordering it again this month. So if you missed out last month, now's your chance. I ate mine earlier this week, broken open over a tomato salad. It was really tough to share it with my family.



Advent Calendars...yes they are happening. I did a cheese test in July,

wrapping a few different cheeses up in cheese paper and vacuum sealing them to see if they would last for 4 weeks in the fridge, and the answer was, YES. Even the Bercail sheep cheese that was already soooo strong held up.

I am waiting on the arrival of my sample packaging, but as soon as I have finalized the details, they will be up on our website. I anticipate them being available to order by October 1st for December 1st delivery. Ho Ho Ho!

Well that's it for another month! September looks to be pretty busy in my cheese world. Don't forget to get your order in by the due date.

What did the slice of bread say to the cheese? You're the best thing since me!

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