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Happy May and Happy Summer Weather!

Well, the sunshine finally arrived and it has been hot! The good news? It really doesn't take that long for cheese to come to room temperature which means you don't have to wait an hour after pulling it from the fridge before you can start eating it.

It's been difficult to find time to sit down and pen a newsletter this month. I'm an avid gardener so I've been up to my elbows in dirt. So this one won't be as in depth as usual.

When it's hot out I prefer soft cheese. Mainly because I don't have to worry about it getting sweaty. Ugh, sweaty cheese, it's the worst! Soft cheese on the other hand, just creeps across the platter when it's warm out. How do you prefer your cheese? Sweaty or creepy? So on that note, my "What is delicious in the deli fridge right now?" recommendations are soft, bloomy style cheeses.

I grabbed a round of Le Pizy for a little dinner party last week and it was perfect! I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is one of those cheeses that really shines with a bit of age. When I include it in cheese boxes I always tell people to forget about it in the fridge to let it age a bit more. It's still 2 weeks out from it's BB day, but it is starting to develop just a tiny bit of funk, and it's getting that oozy quality that I love in a soft cheese. I even had somebody who doesn't "really like cheese" go back for thirds. Fromagerie La Suisse Normande is based in Quebec and makes a wonderful selection of cheeses both cow and goat. Le Pizy's sister cheese is Le Chevronné, which is a goat equivalent. I had it in Quebec where it was perfectly ripe and oozy. But I have been unable to achieve that same ripeness here. Maybe I'll try again....

Another soft one, this time from France, the Lingot, I haven't tried it yet this month, but I know it's just sitting there gaining character. The first time I ordered this I thought it was going to be unassuming and mild. I was wrong. It's a step up from the Le Pizy in terms of aroma, but still not overpowering. It has a BB date of May 29th, so it's gonna be creamy and smooth. Grab a bottle of something light and bubbly and plonk yourself down on a deck chair and give yourself permission to eat some great cheese.

Fleuron always surprises me. I like this blue from Quebec. The texture is between the Bleu D'Auvergne and the Bleu D'Affinois, I guess I would describe it as firm but creamy? It's a bit salty and has a medium intensity and is delicious to spread on a piece of cheese.

Our monthly cheese is a bit delayed because we are starting to bring in Burrata di Puglia again, and we want it to be as fresh as possible. The fresh stuff has a ~2 week shelf life and a few days past the BB date. If you haven't tried this stuff, please treat yourself, even if it's just once. They stuff the container with this giant ball of dairy goodness that just oozes out when you cut into it. Because of the shorter shelf-life I bring in limited quantities, so if you want some, please pre-order. I will do my best to have some at the deli for spontaneous Burrata cravings... Burrata is officially sold out! Didn't even get to finish writing this. We will have more arriving late June, so I encourage you to pre-order online.



Alright...for those who do not visit our deli fridge at the Mustard Lady or for those who just like to think about cheese as much as I do, here is the May/June cheese list. We have a good selection in stock right now and more arriving on May 29th.

(IS = In Stock)


Le 14 Arpents (Quebec) - May 29

Brie Paysan (Quebec) - May 29

Cheval Noir de L'Isle (Quebec) - May 29

Fleuron (Quebec) - IS

Madelaine (Sheep - Quebec) - IS Grey Owl (Goat - Quebec) - May 29

Thea Bandaged Cheddar (Sheep - Quebec) IS & more arriving May 29

L'Origine de Charlevois (Quebec) - IS

Le Pizy (Quebec) IS and PERFECT right now!


Delice de Bourgogne (France) May 29

Comté 24 mth (France) - May 29 - *** A younger Comté option.

Comté 36 mth (France) - IS limited quantities

Délice des 2 Sèvres (Goat - France) - May 29

Reblochon de Savoie (France) - May 29

Brebirousse (Sheep - France) - May 29

Burrata di Puglia (France) - Presales - SOLD OUT

Cremeux de Jura (France) - May 29

Bleu D'Affinois (France) - IS

Manchego (Sheep - Spain) - IS

Dutch Mimolette (Netherlands) - IS

Pont L'Eveque (France) - IS

Chateau de Bourgogne (France) - IS

Tomme de Savoie (France) - IS

Roquefort (France) - IS

Cabécou (France) - IS

Bleu D'Auvergne (France) - May 29

Mothais sur Feuille (Goat - France) - IS *Limited quantities

Coeur de Savoie (France) IS

Munster (France) IS

St Nectaire (France) IS

Morbier (France) IS in limited quantities, more arriving May 29

Butter (France) IS

Bons Mayennais Lingot (France) IS



Our deliveries will be a smidgen late again to accommodate the Burrata order.

Comox Valley and Campbell River orders being delivered May 30/31.Local Pickups at the Mustard Lady store will be available May 30th onward.

Port Alberni orders will be delivered June 2. In Tofino? Well guess what, I'll be in Tofino on the weekend of June 3rd, so I am happy to deliver a cheese box/custom order to you.


The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

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