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Today is National Cheese Day!

June 4th is the official day to celebrate cheese in Canada. Based on my social media feed there seems to be a cheese themed celebration day at least once per month. In case you missed it, April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Overkill?Sure, if you don't like cheese, but if you are reading this, you probably don't fall into that bucket, so why not use today to try a new cheese. Or just eat a bigger piece of cheese that you really love.

For many people their relationship to cheese is similar to my relationship with wine. I tend to stick to the ones I know because who wants to be stuck with 3/4 of a bottle of wine that they don't like? Like wine, a cheese flavour can develop in your mouth, and I've given people a taste of a cheese and watched their facial expressions evolve from, "hey, not bad", to "Ugh, my mouth tastes like barn" within 10 seconds. I personally don't mind a hint of barnyard when I eat a cheese, and frankly, I'm willing to try anything (anything except for maggot cheese...and even then I'm not sure if that's a hard no). Also like wine, as cheese ages, the complexity of its flavour changes as well. Some cheese can go well past the posted best-before date, and others hit a wall. Sometimes it surprises me that a cheese's flavour can turn so quickly. I've been guilty of saving a round, thinking about how delicious it will be, only to find it has become bitter. I can handle funk, but not bitter, angry cheese.

At the encouragement of a friend I've really been trying to step outside of my comfort zone and try different wines. I struggle with enjoying Chardonnay, but have been pleasantly surprised by some recently that taste nothing like I'm expecting. I encourage you to do the same with cheese. Don't be afraid to try that wrinkly goat cheese, or that washed rind that looks like a melted brain. I promise you, it won't taste like it looks (except for when it does).

Deliveries! We are doing a regular delivery schedule to Campbell River and all the way up to Port Hardy. So if you are one of our more northern Island followers, and are keen for cheese, we are happy to send it up to your courtesy of a local courier service.

Cheese & Saucisson List

Our June cheese and charcuterie arrive later this week. As we near the end of Spring, I am taking advantage of abundance of goat cheese.

Oyama Sausage

Our saucisson sec selection from Oyama Sausage in Vancouver will have some new varieties this month. Available to purchase online or at Beaufort Winery. **If stored properly saucisson sec will last for at least 4 weeks.

Charcuterie | Laliberté Cheese Co (

· Saucisson Sec Traditional (red wine &


· Saucisson Sec des Ardennes


· Finocchionna Salametti (Italian Fennel)

· Saucisson Bordeaux (red wine)      

· Saucisson sec d'Auvergne (garlic)

· Saucisson sec with Lemon Confit (candied



Our cheese list has some great spring goat cheese options as well as a wide variety of soft cheeses from Quebec.

I haven't done a cheese review in a long time, but I must give a shout out to the Tomme des Fleurs which was brought in for April. What an absolutely delicious cheese. The paste is smooth and creamy, and fairly mild. But what I loved most about it was the hint of allium. The herb and flower rind imparted this unexpected flavour. It was a fan favourite and we will be bringing it in again!

June Cheese List

·    Delice de Bourgogne - France - Cow - Triple Cream (On Sale Online!)

·         Le Pize - Quebec - Cow - Soft Round (On Sale Online!)

·         L'Origine de Charlevoix - Quebec - Cow - Washed Rind Round (On Sale Online!)

·   Riopelle de L'Isle - Quebec - Cow - Triple Cream

·         Cremeux de Jura - France - Cow - Funky and Soft

· St-Marcellin Cermique - France - Cow - Soft and Gooey

·         Belle Saison - France - Cow - Hard

·         Mont des Cats - France - Cow - Washed Rind

·         Cave Aged - Gruyère - Suisse - Cow - Hard

·         Flocon de Savoie - France - Cow - Soft Round

·         Kaamps Classic Goat Gouda - Netherlands - Goat - Medium (not goatiness)

·         Galette de la table ronde - Quebec - Cow - Soft, Funky Round

·         Comté 24 Month - France - Raw Cow - Hard

·         Set Carré - Quebec - Goat - Soft pockets of goatiness

·         Manchego 12 mth - Spain - Sheep - Hard

·         Triple Crème de Charlevoix - Quebec - Cow - Super soft

·         Camarade - Quebec - Goat - Chalky interior, soft exterior, wrinkly rind

·         Fleuron - Quebec - Cow - Creamy Blue

·         Côte d'Or - France - Cow - Cream, mild washed-rind

·         Dutch Mimolette (Commissiekaas) - Netherlands - Cow - Hard

·         Raclette de Savoie - France - Raw Cow - Washed Rind...Delicious table cheese

·         Crottin Gemrain - France - Goat - Smooth

·         Chateau de Bourgogne Triple Cream (200 gram) - France - Cow - Soft

·         Butter Isigny Salted AOP - What more is there to say...its butter and it's delicious

·         Bond d'Antan - France - Goat - Firm Round

·         Brebirousse d'Argental - France - Sheep - Soft and oozy when ripe

·         Reblochon de Savoie - France - Raw Cow - Unique flavour

Our June Cheese Club Boxes will be delivered ~ June 25th. Last day to order for ordering is June 23rd. We do custom orders anytime!

If you've enjoyed our service and cheese selection over the last couple of years, we kindly ask that you consider leaving a review on Google. As a small local business, our reputation is so important in order for us to succeed.

Keep it Cheesy!


We/ I respectfully acknowledge that the land we gather on is on the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K’ómoks First Nation, the traditional keepers of this land.

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