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Happy December! This will be the last cheeseletter of 2023 so this is my Happy Holidays and Happy New Years all rolled into one. We will not be stocking the cheese deli at the Mustard Lady throughout January and early Frebruary. We will have minimal stock online over this time, so reach out if you need something. We will be back up and running for our February Monthly Cheese Boxes. Follow us on social media or check back on our website early February for cheese availability.

If you haven't had Vacherin Mont D'Or (image above) before, what is stopping you? We have one left for pre-order, arriving ~ December 20th. Haven't seen this in action before...score the top, pour a little wine on it, add a sprinkle of salt and pop it in the oven until it comes out the most amazing textured spread ever. For a smaller burden on your pocket book, try a very similar cheese, Bois Blonde (above), same idea, just different flavours.

Our last cheese order of the year arrived yesterday and it was massive. Capital "M" Massive, and really so beautiful. There are so many great European cheeses for you, a solid range of soft goat cheeses, 2 types of Raclette cheese from France, our fondue mixture and a selection of truffle this one. Brie Duo Royal LC Aux Truffle...Brie stuffed with a creamy truffle mixutre.

Everything available is posted on our website, some things are only available online as there is only so much space in the deli at the Mustard Lady. So I recommend checking with me before making a special trip for a specific cheese. You can order online and we will deliver for free in the Comox Valley. Just give us a couple of days notice please if you can! I am minimizing pick ups at the Mustard Lady because, again, there is just no extra space in the deli fridge. Both myself and the Mustard lady are in full production mode and we are utilizing all available fridge space.

We also have tap now, so if you want to pay via Square at your door, we can make that happen!

Not in the Comox Valley? I will be delivering according to the schedule below, but we also use a group of Vancouver Island and small island (Denman, Quadra, Cortez etc) couriers to get your cheese where it needs to go.

December deliveries will be as follows:

Comox Valley: Daily as needed (Cheese Box & Christmas Box Delivery - December 22)

Oyster River to Campbell River - December 9,14,21,28 (Cheese Box & Christmas Box Delivery - December 21)

Union Bay to Fanny Bay - December 18/19th (Cheese Box Delivery & Christmas Box Delivery- December 22)

Qualicum/Port Alberni: December 18th/19th (Cheese Box & Christmas Box Delivery same day)

***Please remember to select the delivery/shipping location for the appropriate delivery fee. Use the DELIVERY5 to get $5.00 off your delivery fee for orders made before December 15th.

Oh! And we now have a Cheese Rewards Club! Sign up to our newsletter? Get points. Make online purchases? Get points? Use the points to buy cheese.



December 9th (tomorrow) is the last day to order a 12 Days of Cheese advent calendar. Missed out on our 24 day calendar, nows the time to make up for it. These will be heading out to you in time for December 12th, and you can start it on any day you want. If you want to order one for closer to Christmas, and give it as a gift, let us know...we can make that happen. They must be kept in the fridge, and these boxes are on the larger size, but that means bigger cheese!

We have a few of our fancy schmany panettone left. These specialty Italian cakes are a perfect way to start Christmas morning when your kids pull you out of bed at 5am.

Kickin' it solo on Christmas morning? Treat yourself by grabbing a mini panettone and a cup of coffee and heading back to bed to read a book on a cold morning cuddled up under the covers. Heading to a New Year's morning brunch? Roll up with one of the limoncello or glazed chestnut cakes and be the hero of your own story because you didn't have to bake it yourself.'s more than a cake. It's a lifestyle.

We have lots of other cheesy stuff, a couple of our mini raclettes, and some nice cheese knives (I'm using this one Cheese Knife Set - Oslo | Laliberté Cheese Co ( These are smaller knives, but they are quality and really nice feeling in the hand.

And lastly, yes, you can still order our specialty Christmas Box. 5 different cheese, the tastiest olives ever, a wee jam, crackers and a mini panettone. These will be available until December 22 or until we run out of cheese, whichever comes first. Travelling with it? Let us know, we can add an ice pack to the box to keep the cheese cool during transport. DELIVERY ONLY - these boxes are too big to store at the Mustard Lady deli. Please select your delivery/shipping area at the time of order. (Cover my butt disclaimer: Island Health recommends not allowing cheese to be above 4 degrees for >2hrs, we cannot guarantee the cheese will meet these guidelines with an icepack)



I've noted the cheeses that are online available for online orders at this time. That will change as we move more stock out of the deli. Many of our small goat cheeses are in limited #s and when they are gone, they are gone.

We also have some online specials...cause who doesn't like discount cheese??

The Mustard lady deli is stocked with pre-cut cheese and cheese rounds only. They do not cut our cheese at the Mustard Lady. If you want a specific size please order online. I cannot guarantee that a specific cheese will have cut pieces available in the deli, stock is moving quickly right now. If you go there are they don't have a cut piece of something you want please reach out to me. I will get you your cheese!


Adoray - Cow (Quebec)

Bleu Fumé St. Benoit - Cow (Quebec)

Cheval Noir - Cow (Quebec) Online Only

Le Pizy - Cow (Quebec)

Le Pleine Lune (Quebec)

L'Origine de Charlevois - Cow (Quebec)

Triple Crème de Charlevoix - Cow (Quebec)

Fleuron (Blue) - Cow (Quebec)

Fontina Truffle - Cow (Ontario) Online Only

Capri Ella - Goat (Quebec) Online Only

Grey Owl - Goat (Quebec) very limited quantities Online Only

Le Monsieur Emile - Goat (Quebec) Online Only

Treizième Apotre - Goat (Quebec) - Online Only

Amazing Grey - Goat (Quebec)

Bleu de la Moutonnière - Sheep (Quebec) Online Only

Tomme du Kamouraska - Sheep (Quebec) Online Only

Thea Bandaged Cheddar -Sheep (Quebec)



Fondue Mix - Cow (Gruère,Emmental,Vacherin Fribourgeois or Comté - Online Only

Stilton Clawson - Blue Cow (UK) - Online Only

Belle Saison - Cow (France) - Online Only

Bleu D'Affinois - Cow (France)

Bleu D'Auvergne (France)

Bois Blond - Cow (France)

Bons Mayennais Lingot - Cow (France)

Brie de Meaux - Cow Raw (Fance) - Online Only

Brie Duo Royal LC aux Truffes - Cow (France) - Online Only

Brillat Savarin - Cow (France)Reblochon

Butter (France)

Chateau de Bourgogne (France)

Chimay Rouge - Cow (Belgium) Online Only

Comté 18 mth - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Comté 24 mth - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Cote D'Or - Cow (France)

Cremeux de Jura - Cow (France) -

Delice de Bourgogne - Cow (France)

Dutch Mimolette - Cow (Netherlands) Online Only

Emmental - Cow (Switzerland) -

Flocon de Savoie - Cow (France)

Fourme D'Amberte - Cow (France)

Gruyère - Raw Cow (France) -

Laguiole - Cow ( France) Online Only

Lancashire Whisky Cheddar (UK)

Morbier (France)

Munster (France)

Parmigiano Reggiano - Raw Cow 24mth - (Italia) - Pre-order online for larger pieces

Pavé de Herve - Cow (Belgium)

Prima Donna - Cow (Netherlands) Online Only

Queso de Oveja - Cow (Spain)

Raclette de Savoie IGP Haute Montagne - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Raclette Haut Livradois - Cow (France) Online Only

Reblochon AOP Fermier - Cow (France) Arriving December 20 Online Only

St Marcellin Ceramique - Cow (France)

St Nectaire (France)

Tête de Moine - Cow (Switzerland) - available by the piece of in cheese flowers (Order Online)

Tomme de Savoie - Cow (France) Online Only

Tomme Pochat with Truffles - Cow (France) Online Only

Vacherin - Cow (France)

Vacherin Fribourgeois (for Fondue!) - Cow (Switzerland) *Strongest cheese we have!

Vacherin Mont D'Or - Cow (France) - 1 left (December 20) Online Only


Cabécou - Goat (France)

Kaamps Classic - Goat (Netherlands)

Crottin de Chèvre - Goat (France)

Délice des 2 Sevres - Goat (France)  Online Only

Le Cabécou Le Pic - Goat (France) Online Only

Mothais sur Feuille Antan - Goat (France)

Valencay AOP Jacquin - Goat (France) Online Only

Fondue Mix - Goat & Sheep (Manchego, Capril Ella, Amazing Grey, Kaamps Classic) - Online Only


Brebirousse - Sheep (France) Online Only

Manchego 12 mth (Spain)

Pecorino Romano - Sheep (Italy)

Roquefort - Sheep (France)


Keep it Cheesy!

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