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Hellloooo! No that is NOT a cheese photo...but it is just as good as cheese! This newsletter is going to be short and sweet because we are entering the crazy season! And yes, it's a bit early in the month, but next week is advent calendar processing which means the cutting and wrapping of 2,880 individual pieces of cheeses. Yeesh!

As usual, we've got lots of new stuff heading our way. Yummy cheese, yummy treats, new boxes, gift ideas and updates!

We are offering FREE LOCAL DELIVERY for all orders placed until December 15th. To receive the discount, select your delivery area and use the discount code: DELIVERY5 at the time of checkout. (50$ order minimum).

December deliveries will be as follows:

Comox Valley: Daily as needed

Campbell River: Every Thursday as needed

Qualicum/Port Alberni: December 9th & 21st

The November Monthly Cheese Box will be delivered the week of November 27th, actual date to be announced. All orders must be placed by November 26th.



Ugh...if only I had a shop! I could fill the walls with cheese and gourmet goodies! I am going to start bringing in some gourmet import nibbles. They will be available on our online shop, so check it out!


Specifically for Christmas I am bringing in Panettone, the light but dense, deliciously flavoured cakes from Italy. There are 3 flavour options and 2 sizes. I have tasted all three of these flavours and I couldn't tell you which one I like best.

The Limoncello and Marron Glacé (candied chestnut) come in a 750 gram size and the Pistachio Cream are in these cute little 100 gram sizes. I tell you from personal experience that the little ones are perfect for enjoying with an early evening glass of bubbly with friends. Arriving next week!

12 -Days-Of-Cheese

We sold out of our 24-day Cheese Advent Calendar, even with a last minute restock. We pretty much ran out of cheese and couldn't sell anymore!

Missed out? Well, we've launched sales for the 12-Days-Of-Cheese Advent Calendar which will be available mid December. If you like to do your 12 Days of Christmas starting on the 12th of December, we've got your covered. If you like to start it on December 25th, we can make that work too! Just let us know what date you want it for and we will make sure we get it to you on time. The 12-Days-Of-Cheese will include 9-10 larger pieces of cheese, with a few surprise accompaniments. And unlike the 24-day Calendar, we are able to offer this one in a sheep/goat only format!

Christmas Cheese Box

Need something special for Christmas? A platter, a larger than normal cheese box? A special order? We can do it!

We are adding to our cheese box line up with the...drumroll please.......Christmas Cheese Box! Super unique name, right? It's the same but different, and maybe better than our regular Monthly Cheese Box. Presented in a nice box, the Christmas one will be bigger and have more stuff in it. Great deal all around! Give as a gift, take it with you on your Christmas get-a-away or settle in at home with the family or your pets and enjoy some yummy treats. Pre-orders recommended. Available from December 10th.

The Christmas Box will contain:

  • 5 different cheeses (minimum 150 grams of each)

  • A mini panettone

  • Crackers

  • Olives

  • Jam

**A note about the above photo. Sometimes, when I don't have an actual photo of something I will get an AI generated one. AI has difficulty doing images of certain things, such as human teeth, don't ask for an image of a human eating cheese, their teeth are dreadful and scary! I asked for "A Christmas box with 5 types of cheese and a panettone". I think it did alright, but I honestly don't know what the stuff in the far right is supposed to be. Trust me when I say the real thing will be much better.

And lastly, I will be part of a Christmas craft and greenery pop-up shop on December 3rd. If you are out in the Kitty Coleman area between 10am & 4pm, I will be there with a small selection of cheese along with all of my other items...panettone, raclette grills, cheese knives, olives, jams. Come for the crafts, stay for the Panettone. I might even be offering samples!

Christmas Greens, Crafts & Cheese Sale

Sunday, December 3rd 10am-4pm

6380 Treherne Road

(Kitty Coleman area 15 min North of Courtenay)



Ok! The cheese list! There is a lot! Unfortunately due to space constraints within the deli fridge at the Mustard Lady store, I am unable to offer it all in-store. If it says "Online Only", it means we can only offer it online. But remember we deliver for free in the Comox Valley!

We've got all the makings for a great Fondue mixture, including, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Gruyère & Emmentaler AOP. This is available in pre-cut pieces or in a pre-grated fondue mix.

Along with our regular Thea Sheep Cheddar (yay...they still have some stock!) we've also got some new goat and sheep options from Quebec. Mainly in the hard to medium texture, they are: Sainte-Nitouche, Treizième Apotre and Tomme du Kamouraska.

And, after many requests, I've got some 24-month, raw milk Parmigiano Reggiano available in a limited amount.

Fondu (pre-shredded): Cow or Sheep/Goat Online Only


Triple Crème de Charlevoix - Cow (Quebec)

Fleuron (Blue) - Cow (Quebec)

Riopelle de L'isle Cow (Quebec)

Thea Bandaged Cheddar -Sheep (Quebec)

Le Pizy - Cow (Quebec)

Le Pleine Lune (Quebec)

Capri Ella - Goat (Quebec) Online Only

Sainte-Nitouche - Goat (Quebec) Online Only

La Bête-A-Séguin - Cow (Quebec)

Bleu Fumé St. Benoit - Cow (Quebec) - Online Only

Tomme du Kamouraska - Sheep (Quebec) - Online Only

Treizième Apotre - Goat (Quebec) - Online Only


Bois Blond - Cow (France)

Cote D'Or - Cow (France)

Raclette de Savoie IGP Haute Montagne - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Raclette Haut Livradois - Thermalized Cow (France)

Mothais sur Feuille Antan - Goat (France) Online Only

Laguiole - Cow ( France) Online Only

Dutch Mimolette - Cow (Netherlands) Online Only

Comté 18 mth - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Comté 24 mth - Unpasteurized Cow (France)

Brebirousse - Sheep (France) Online Only

Reblochon de Savoie (France)

Chateau de Bourgogne (France)

Cabécou (France)

Bleu D'Auvergne (France)

Munster (France)

St Nectaire (France)

Morbier (France)

Butter (France)

Kaamps Classic (Netherlands)

Manchego 12 mth (Spain)

Pavé de Herve - Cow (Belgium)

Lancashire Whisky Cheddar (UK)

Tête de Moine - Cow (Switzerland)

Vacherin Fribourgeois (for Fondue!) - (Switzerland)

Parmigiano Reggiano - Raw Cow 24mth - (Italia) - Online Only

Gruyère - Raw Cow (France) - Online Only

Chimay Rouge - Cow (Belgium)

Emmental - Cow (Switzerland) - Online Only

Cremeux de Jura - Cow (France) - Online Only

Stilton Clawson - Blue Cow (UK) - Online Only


Keep it Cheesy!

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